Un Australien à Gallipoli

I've been sitting on this news for awhile, fearful that speaking it aloud would jinx it, but it's on the internet now so it must be real!  Kramiek, a division of Swiss bande desinnée publishers Groupe Paquet are releasing a french language edition of 'An Anzac Tale', 'Un Australien à Gallipoli'.

Yeah, this is a little bit exciting.

Yeah, this is a little bit exciting.

I don't have a copy in my hands yet, but the proofs I was sent look great. Paquet have done a lovely job, seamlessly replacing the english text embedded in posters, newspapers, etc, throughout the artwork. The font chosen to replace my hand-lettering works a treat, and though my french comprehension lies somewhere between junior high and closing time in a Montréal brasserie, the translation maintains the banter of the protagonist's Aussie vernacular.


'Un Australien à Gallipoli' will be released 6 September.