Return of MBRG!

The School Magazine has selected another Monkey, Bug, Rabbit and Goose! tale as one of their comic serials for 2018! Following on from last year's "The Treasure of Numbskull Island" [scroll back a few posts for details] "Everything's Beachy!" will feature on the back cover of Countdown and Blast Off from the first issues in February and continue right through the year.


This adventure starts with the friends looking forward to a quiet day on the beach, but that only lasts about 4 panels before the nefarious plans of the Angry Penguin sweep away the idyll (or at least what passes for it in their world).

Just delivered the final coloured pages this morning and still reeling from how much fun it is to make this strip. (Also reel when I think that the children who first heard versions of this as their bedtime stories now help me Photoshop the colours.)

There are now 30 pages of new MBRG material after their initial run in Snort Stories [still available]. Just may have to make plans for another book … let's hope we can keep going with this!