A good week for 'An Anzac Tale'

'An Anzac Tale' received accolades from two different directions the other week. On Tuesday April 8, the Children's Book Council of Australia listed it as a Notable Book of 2014 in an unprecedented THREE categories; Picture Book, Information Book, and Books for Younger Readers. Three days later, the book was awarded a Bronze Ledger for excellence in Australian Comics.


The Ledgers have been revived after a five year hiatus and the recent awards ceremony in Melbourne gave out gongs to work published in the interim years. I was absolutely gobsmacked to hear the news 'In For The Krill' #1 was given a Gold Ledger for 2008.

A Gold Ledger hits us right out of left field.

A Gold Ledger hits us right out of left field.

Bruce Mutard's seminal 'The Sacrifice' was also given a Gold for that same year. It's a humbling honour to share podium space with such an important and powerful graphic novel. If you haven't read it yet, get it here.

Then, and only then, go read IFTK #1 while you wait for the post to arrive.