Big Illustration


Earlier in the year I was contacted by the South Australian Department of Planning, Transport, and Infrastructure to provide illustration for "the big build", a campaign highlighting the various public projects going on in and around Adelaide. ( What started as an illustration for web and print soon became an illustration for web, print, and tram,  meaning I had to allow for my image to work at a scale variation of 15000% ( That's going from screen display of around 20cm to the 30m length of a tram. Feel free to correct my math.)

Not to mention having to rearrange everything to fit around all those doors and windows.  


Even though the tram version of the illustration was the most challenging, that's the one I'm the happiest with. Maybe it's the terrifying thrill of seeing it so darn big, or maybe because when actually applied to a piece of infrastructure it most successfully achieves what I believed was the client's intent: depict what is basically a story of concrete and cranes in a lively and human manner. 


I just take issue with that "one of the world's great small cities" line. Pfft. Adelaide is one of the world's great cities, full stop.