Greg is known for his experienced traditional 2D animation skills, often working “old school” on pencil and paper, as well as utilising Photoshop, TVPaint and other digital tools to provide a full range of styles. The best place to stay up to date with Greg’s output is his Vimeo page where you’ll find short clips, work-in-progress, etc.

Sumo Lake: made with the traditional animation tools of pencil, paper, and coffee. Shortlisted for Tropfest 2011 and screened in a pant-load of international festivals.

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On the heels of Sumo Lake's success and it's "so old it's new" technique, came an invitation to be among the animators jamming for Weird Al Yankovic's "Polka Face" medley.  Despite being a strict vegan, Weird Al was reportedly happy with this contribution.