Captain Congo and his faithful assistant Pug are always ready for adventure - no assignment too difficult, no corner of the world too remote. These acclaimed and lavishly produced books are written by Ruth Starke and published by Working Title Press.  Classic adventure tales for all ages.

“Captain Congo leaves Tintin in the Congo for dead....Playfully witty…superb illustration…Highly recommended." - The Australian




Captain Congo and the Crocodile King  

An anthropologist searching for the legendary Treasure House of the Queen of Sheba is missing and Captain Congo is sent by the Agency to Abyssinia to find him. Danger and intrigue lie ahead - just what Captain Congo loves. Also lying in wait, to the dismay of Pug, are mosquitoes, scorpions and the biggest crocodiles in Africa!

Children's Book Council of Australia Picture Book of the Year Shortlist 2009

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Captain Congo and the Maharaja's Monkey

When the Maharaja of Bekar dies suddenly and mysteriously, Captain Congo and Pug are despatched by the Agency to investigate. They arrive in India to find the Palace of Rajputana teeming with intrigue. Even as preparations begin for young Prince Beki to be anointed as the next maharaja, it is clear that powerful enemies are scheming against him. While Pug goes deep under cover, the ever-observant Captain Congo races against time to unravel the villains' plot.

Children's Book Council of Australia Notable Book 2010

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Captain Congo and the Klondike Gold

Captain Congo and the loyal Pug travel deep into the great Canadian north-west in pursuit of gold, ghosts and monsters. But who is pursuing our heroes? And what awaits them at the end of their treacherous journey to Klondike Creek? One thing is certain: when Pug mysteriously disappears at an old mining camp it will take more than strange lights, skeletons and a sasquatch to frighten off Captain Congo.

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The Perils of Pug and The Mystery of Mau

New Captain Congo adventures have been created for the popular School Magazine, 20 page stories serialised over 10 issues.