Anzac Tale Cover_sm.jpg

Written by Ruth Starke

Published by Working Title Press, 2013

With the outbreak of war in 1914, best friends Wally and Roy, and new mate Tom, are among the first to enlist. But their great adventure soon turns to disaster. The day after the landing at Anzac Cove on 25 April 1915, more than 2000 of their fellow Anzacs are dead and the bold attempt by the Allied commanders to knock the Turks out of the war becomes a stalemate.  As the Gallipoli campaign drags on, Wally, Roy, and Tom find themselves locked in combat with a formidable enemy, a ferocious landscape, flies, fleas, cold, and disease.

Illustrations done with pen and ink wash on paper, digitally coloured.  

"Well-crafted, emotionally charged panels create a cinematic experience." - Magpies

"Phenomenally good. It's a cracker!" - Tom Jellett

"An Anzac Tale stands out as a work of art and a dedication to our fallen heroes. This fresh approach to the traditional Anzac story is sure to pique the interest of young readers…" - The Age

"…a meticulously researched and presented graphic picture book that possesses the unique duality of being both breathtakingly beautiful, and poignantly tragic." - Dimity Powell

"…an impressive book…a thought-provoking, highly accessible, and graphically striking interpretation of the Anzac legend." - Australian Book Review